Monique on the Mic

#022: From Choirs to TEDx: Menoosha Muziki's Journey of Musical Empowerment

In this empowering episode of "Monique on the Mic," Monique B. Thomas chats with the multifaceted Menoosha Muziki, a TEDx speaker, singer, choir director, MC, and vocal coach. Menoosha shares her journey, from childhood aspirations influenced by her aunt, Bebe Manga, to her vibrant career across various artistic domains. Dive into a conversation that not only explores the power of voice but also celebrates the strength of women, especially women of color, in overcoming societal challenges and seizing opportunities like TEDx talks. Join us for episode 22, where wisdom meets passion, and discover how embracing your true self can lead to unimaginable achievements.

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Bébé Manga :ébé_Manga