Monique on the Mic

#029: Mastering Jazz Vocal Jam Sessions

Step into the lively world of jazz vocal jam sessions with your host, Monique B Thomas! In this episode, discover everything you need to know before jumping on stage. Learn the essentials of what a vocal jam session is, what to expect, how to navigate one, and whether you’re ready to participate. Monique breaks down the preparation needed, from knowing your songs and keys to mastering the art of talking down the chart. Gain insights on jam etiquette, choosing the right tunes, and making a lasting impression. Tune in to enhance your jazz performance skills and ensure you shine at your next jam session. Don’t miss out—hit follow and leave a review!

🎧 Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding vocal jam sessions
  • Essential preparation tips
  • Navigating jam session dynamics
  • Jazz etiquette and song selection

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