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#019: Conversations with an Artist: Sandrine Crescini – Vocal Journeys on Monique on the Mic

Dive into the world of vocal artistry with Monique B. Thomas in episode 19 of Monique on the Mic. This session, we're getting into a deep and revealing chat with Sandrine Crescini, an incredibly gifted artist. Discover why starting vocal coaching early can make all the difference, how to handle the pressures artists put on themselves, and the significance of having a team that's got your back. Sandrine opens up about understanding vocal registration and shares her personal experiences with the studio's unique challenges, offering priceless advice for emerging talent. This episode is a treasure trove of insights on the ups and downs of a music career, finding and owning your vocal identity, and the life-changing impact of music. Don't miss out—tune in to uncover the strategies that can unleash your artistic potential.
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