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#021: America's Got Talent Semi-Finalist : Lachuné Boyd Music Business and Life After AGT

In Episode 21 of "Monique on the Mic," we're diving deep into the heart of the music industry with the phenomenal Lachuné Boyd, a finalist on America's Got Talent. Lachuné's journey isn't just about her incredible voice; it's about the story, the passion, and the authenticity she brings to every note. From discussing the intricacies of making music to the vibrant spirit she carries, this episode is a masterclass in pursuing dreams with grace and giving yourself permission. Join us as we explore Lachuné's artistic journey, her approach to the challenges and triumphs of the music business, and how she's shaping the future of vocal performance. Get ready for an episode filled with inspiration, laughter, and the kind of wisdom only true artists hold.

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