Monique on the Mic

#015 Evolving Through Music: Eva Poklonskaya's Artistic Journey at 17

Tune into "Monique on the Mic" for Episode #015: The Musical Journey of Eva Poklonskaya, a Teen Prodigy. At just 17, Eva's story under the mentorship of Monique B. Thomas is nothing short of inspirational. Starting her musical odyssey at 13, Eva unveils her artistic growth, her pioneering embrace of AI in music creation, and the pivotal support from Profty and her family. This episode explores how Eva uses music as a benchmark for her development, her innovative approach to integrate all senses into her artistry, and her ambitions as she embarks on her next chapter at Berkeley School of Music. Eva's narrative highlights the essence of perseverance, inventive spirit, and the impact of a nurturing environment on reaching new heights of artistic achievement.

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