Monique on the Mic

#006: From Rejection to Carnegie Hall: Navigating the Music Industry with Crystal Petit & Jua Amir

In Episode 6, "Navigating Rejection & Collaboration in Music," Monique B. Thomas, alongside guests Crystal Petit and Jua Amir, explores the emotional and professional landscapes of rejection and teamwork in the music industry. They discuss the transformative power of positive energy and intention in artistic pursuits, likening artists' influence to living paintings. Highlighting Singing Earth Divine's performances at Carnegie Hall, the episode celebrates artistic triumphs and offers insights into managing rejection, fostering collaboration, and finding joy in creative endeavors, encouraging a supportive community among artists.
Singing Earth divine Youtube Channel :
As an extra Bonus I mentioned my friend World beatbox champion (multiple times) Dharni and his Polish beatboxing video. Here it is :