Monique on the Mic

#005: Beyond Riffs and Runs: Embracing Your Vocal Journey

Unlock your vocal potential with Monique B Thomas on ‘Monique on the Mic,’ as she demystifies the art of riffs and runs, illustrating that true vocal artistry transcends technical prowess. This episode delves into why legends like Chaka Khan and Frank Sinatra’s success wasn’t anchored on vocal gymnastics, but rather their distinctive voices and emotional depth. Monique introduces her ‘Ultimate Riffs and Runs Course,’ tailored for singers eager to refine their craft at their own pace, promoting singing as a form of genuine self-expression. Essential listening for those eager to explore their vocal uniqueness and develop their singing with confidence and style.

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This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to gain a new perspective on their singing and to understand that every voice has its unique beauty and strength.