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#027: Mastering Auditions & Balancing Artistry with Motherhood - Asha Thomas

Hey there, I'm Monique B. Thomas, your host of Monique on the Mic. Today's episode is a gem as I chat with the fabulous Asha Thomas, an A-list dancer and dear friend. Before you think this episode isn't for you singers out there, hold on tight. Asha dives deep into the essence of auditioning, emphasizing it as a crucial skill. She shares how frequent auditions made her comfortable and allowed her to channel nerves into energy that served her performance.

Asha also opens up about the significance of community support, transitioning within the entertainment industry, and balancing artistry with motherhood. Her journey from dancing with the Alvin Ailey company to managing a vibrant artistic career while raising two young kids is truly inspiring.

Get ready to draw parallels between her experiences and your singing career. Tune in as we explore the overlaps and take away invaluable lessons on navigating the industry, maintaining your craft, and embracing the journey with grace.

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