Monique on the Mic

#012: Inside the Studio with Tony Fuel: Professional Tips for Your Home Studio

House Music Horizons and Harmony: Tony Fuel Rocks Episode #12 of ‘Monique on the Mic.’ Join us as this renowned house music producer and DJ unveils the intricate dance between producers and singers. Tony shares his secrets to juggling a thriving music career and family life, with time management tips like time blocking taking center stage. Delve into the studio session challenges, where professionalism and reliability sing the loudest. Discover the game-changing potential of remote collaborations, making music more accessible for singers with home studios. Tony navigates the industry’s waters, emphasizing trust over contracts for smaller projects and advocating for clear communication. For singers eager to level up, Tony’s insights on selecting home studio gear—choosing quality over quantity—can’t be missed. As house music pulsates towards a future of more personal live performances, this episode is a must-listen for emerging singers and music production aficionados eager for a peek behind the curtain.