Monique on the Mic

#013: Harmony in Diversity: Collaborative Insights from Multi-Instrumentalist Josiah Woodson

Dive into the Symphony of Versatility on 'Monique on the Mic' Episode #13 with Grammy Winner Josiah Woodson. This episode shines a spotlight on the maestro of multi-instrumentalism, Josiah Woodson, as he explores the art of musical flexibility and the critical role of cross-disciplinary communication in music. From the trumpet to the guitar, Josiah unravels the journey of becoming proficient in various instruments, emphasizing the strategy of learning music universally to effortlessly switch between them. His transition from technical mastery to profound musical expression provides a wellspring of motivation for artists at every stage. This episode is a goldmine for singers aiming to broaden their musical vernacular and instrumentalists looking to foster better collaborative relationships. Packed with actionable advice, it's an essential listen for those aspiring to create harmony in the eclectic music landscape.
  • Josiah Woodson “Suite Elemental” 2017
  • Beyoncé “4” (grammy winning)
  • Akua Naru “Blackest Joy” 2018
  • Mario Canonge “Zouk Out” 2018
  • Jonathan Jurion “Les Temps Fou” 2019
  • Sarah Thorpe “Deep Blue Love” 2019
  • Anissah Bensalah “Sovaj” 2019
  • Andy Narell “Like a Child”
  • Olivier Robin title tbd release 2024
  • David Garlitz - Cobra Fantastic “Edifice Wrecks” release March 22, 2024
  • Curren$y - “Pilot Talk”
  • Mario Canonge/Michel Zenino “Quint’up” 2017
  • Mario Canonge/Michel Zenino “Quint’up II” 2023
  • David Levy’s Out to Lunch “Melvin’s Rockpile”
  • David Levy’s Out to Lunch “Excuse me while I do the Boogaloo”
  • David Levy’s Out to Lunch “Uptown 6”
  • David Levy’s Out to Lunch “Out to Lunch presents Etson”
  • Sarah Thorpe title tbd release 2024
  • Netflix’s “The Eddy” series soundtrack “Falling” + appearance in ep #1
And more to come!

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