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#028: Exploring Vocal Pedagogy and Artistic Loneliness: Greg Enriquez Interview in Bari, Italy

Welcome to the Monique on the Mic Podcast! I'm Monique B. Thomas, and today’s episode is a unique treat. Join me and my mentor, the incredible Greg Enriquez, as we stroll through the scenic streets of Bari, Italy, during an international singing camp. This episode captures our candid conversations about the intersection of art and everyday life, the nuances of teaching and singing, and the often unspoken loneliness of being an artist.

We dive into:

  • The intrinsic artistry in every profession
  • The challenges and rewards of being a misunderstood artist.
  • The importance of structure in vocal training amidst the trend of ultimate freedom in teaching.
  • How societal perceptions of gender roles have evolved in the vocal world.
  • The impact of science and technology on vocal pedagogy and the need for a balanced approach.
Expect some delightful digressions as we chat about everything from vocal techniques to the nature of human consciousness, all while navigating the picturesque yet busy streets (with a few humorous interruptions!).

Whether you're an artist feeling isolated, a vocal student seeking deeper insights, or simply someone intrigued by the creative process, this episode is for you. Greg’s profound thoughts on pedagogy and my reflections on sustaining a vocal career offer valuable takeaways.

Tune in for a walk-and-talk experience that’s as enlightening as it is entertaining. And remember, you're never alone in your artistic journey. 🎶

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