Monique on the Mic

#007: Unlocking Vocal Mastery: Belting & Beyond with Greg Enriquez

In this episode of "Monique on the Mic," Monique B. Thomas is joined by Greg Enriquez, her mentor since 2009. Greg shares his expertise in vocal consultancy, focusing on holistic development beyond just technique. The discussion highlights the importance of live performances, the unique challenges of creative individuals, and the plateau effect in learning. Greg's wisdom is invaluable for singers at any stage of their career, emphasizing authenticity and self-awareness. This deep dive into vocal artistry offers guidance and inspiration for overcoming obstacles in the singing world.

You may learn more about Greg here :

Greg is also a Master Teacher member of Profty :

I mentioned Danish Pianist's Jazz club "Termansens" :

Lastly check out artist Lucky Daye