At Vocal Arts Studio our goal is to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to learn the art of singing. As this is our focus, we offer group classes to augment what you are learning in your individual classes.
  • 1
    English For Pop Singers
    We have developed a method to help you to correct your English accent on your own using the International Phonetics Alphabet (IPA)! TBA
  • 2
    Riffs and Runs
    Have you ever wanted to sing all those cool notes like Stevie Wonder or Beyoncé? We'll show you how to break down what you hear and even help you to develop your own way of riffing! TBA
  • 3
    Application to Songs
    Learn how to use exercises to improve your singing immediately on a song in your repertory. TBA
These classes run at different times during the year based on demand. For more information please contact us.
Would you like us to come to you? We work with groups and choirs of all sizes, from beginner to professional, all over the world. Please contact us for your special demands!