Monique B Thomas
Bat19, Rue des terres neuves 33130 Bègles FRANCE
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Monique B Thomas
I have been teaching voice for more than 21 years, and have been singing and performing for well over 30 years. To date, I have worked with 1000's of singers around the world. The one thing many of these singers have in common is that they want to know how long it will take to become the singer they've always dreamt of being…
What artists say about us
  • Jesus Dinas Zape
    Monique is simply a vocal magician! She immediately identified my technical deficiencies and mental blocks that I have faced for a number of years. In my 15 years of singing, I have had quite a few voice teachers and vocal coaches and none were able to provide the solutions to the technical problems I was facing! I'm so grateful to have met Monique who accompanies me with kindness, patience and generosity during the reconstruction and discovery of my voice. I once again have faith in myself as a singer and I am now reconciled with my voice. Thank you so much Monique, for your passion, your relevance and your dedication!
  • Bastien Picot aka AURUS
    I met Monique Thomas when I was a student at the CIAM school in Bordeaux. It was more than 15 years ago. I'm not afraid to say that this meeting has changed my life as a singer and also as a pedagogue. Working with her has helped me to surpass myself and to become more and more independent. Despite this independence, I still have the pleasure of working with Monique as the need arises. Her knowledge, experience and expertise continues to grow as she never stops learning and studying under the best international specialists in the field! I can only recommend this incredible pedagogue that is Monique Thomas to whoever wishes to improve their voice.
    It's been 2 years since I walked through the doors of Monique's studio and I'm sure glad I did! I have learned so much and I get a glimpse of all the possibilities my voice has to offer me. Vocal technique, style, interpretation, prononciation are some of the facets that each artist must develop in singing. As an actress and singer my vocal palette has opened in such a way that I can now imagine expressing myself freely through song.
  • Eva Poklonskaya
    I found out about Monique Thomas thanks to PROFTY, when they organized her visit to Russia through masterclasses/private lessons and have studied with her ever since. It has been three significant years since our first lesson and my knowledge of music, singing,vocal technique and style has grown and developed tremendously! During our lessons we worked on my range, riffs and runs, scatting, improvisation as well as different genres of music. Monique is an incredible vocal coach!!! She supports you and finds different ways to help you, creating an individual approach for every student. You can always rely on Monique, when it comes to any kind of preparation for a tv show, festival, competition, or concert.
    I can't describe in words how thankful and grateful I am to Monique for teaching me and sharing her knowledge and experience!
  • Meriem Lacour
    Singer/Voice over artist
    I have received vocal coaching from Monique Thomas for more than 8 years. We work on technique but also on jazz, gospel and R'N'B. At each session I benefit from her precise and high-quality listening skills. Thanks to her approach, I was able to establish my vocal technique and lay the foundations for a solid voice that adapts to different professional and personal contexts. I particularly like Monique's human and holistic approach which allows me to proceed serenely, step by step without feeling overwhelmed.
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